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Choosing to seek therapy is never easy. I am here to support you in every way possible to reach your goals for change in a safe, trusting and positive environment. I'd love to hear from you by phone or email so we can explore together how I might help you. If you feel comfortable, we can then schedule an appointment. I have flexible office hours at convenient times throughout the week in both Fairfield and Norwalk.

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What Clients Say

What Clients Say...

How do you put into words the gratitude you have for someone that has literally changed your life? Caroline, I have tears in my eyes just thinking about what to write! I came to you with a broken and lost soul. I was completely out of touch with my inner wisdom. I had lost the ability to even tap into it. After having had three children close together, moving to a new state, a stable marriage in question, and working as a teacher I found myself in a pattern of completely neglecting myself for years. Coming to see you was the one thing (and the best thing) I did for myself. During our sessions I was able to focus on only me. One of the ideas that helped me the most was the concept of “what we resist, persists”. This gave me the freedom/permission/motivation to discuss with you any issues that arose each session. I got so much out of beginning our sessions with a centering exercise such as guided imagery. You gave me the time, tissues, and gentle guidance to examine and explore my life in my own time. I never felt judged. I was retrained in how to listen to my own body and the physical, psychological, and spiritual wisdom it already possessed. I have had past experiences with other social workers and psychotherapists but my time with you has been the most helpful and life changing. You taught me to listen to and rely on the knowledge and strength I have within. It is something natural I can access whenever needed. Thank you for being in my life.
— Karen from Fairfield
I’ve tried therapy with many psychologists and social workers over the years but I did not make even 1/4 as much progress as I did from a few months of working with Caroline. I have responded incredibly well to the techniques she uses in therapy sessions. She is a very interactive therapist and doesn’t just sit and listen and offer advice you already know. Through challenging questions and having me observe my daily thoughts, she helped me get to a breakthrough point that I never would have realized on my own. Caroline helps you develop a plan on what you can work on between sessions so that you keep progressing. She also truly cares and takes time to check in with you, which is extremely hard to find in a therapist.
— Lisa from Stamford
I have recognized that over the past several months I have been forming my own “dream team”, surrounding myself with strong female healers from nutritionists, to ayurvedic therapists, psychotherapists, kabbalists, amazing women who strengthen my soul. Caroline is one of these women, she has taught me about the bigger picture and that we are all truly connected. each of these women provides a piece of my puzzle, a clue to putting me back together again and keeping me moving forward on my path. the path has no end, it’s all about the journey, it’s about sitting through those tough times, observing, journaling and treating yourself gently.
— Jen from Norwalk
I wanted to let you know that my experience with you has been life altering. Your kind, non-judgmental, and noninvasive manner made me feel safe. With your gentle guidance, I became liberated. During a period of deep despair, you gently helped me navigate my way through.

I was raised in an environment and culture that believed seeking the help of a therapist meant that you were emotionally weak or just plain crackers. However, you helped me recognize that it requires strength to seek help. I had the support of my friends, husband and family who were all encouraging and supportive. But they did not have training, and therefore could not provide the insight or tools to help me heal.
Your tenderness, compassion and trust were the essential components of our working relationship. I thank you for helping me get back to being my true, authentic and unfettered self!
— S. from Fairfield
I was spending more money on Peanut M&M’s® and tissues then on my mortgage. I needed therapy and fast. I had started and stopped therapy in the past for a variety of reasons. Once even because I wasn’t sure if the therapist was asleep or not during our sessions: once because I wasn’t sure if I was asleep or not in the sessions. I felt at this point in my life, I knew myself relatively well and had come to terms with my past. Now, I like to blame things on my mother just as much as the next person, but I knew with the crisis at hand and the cross road I was facing, I needed something different, something deeper on a soul level.

The day I walked into Caroline’s office, I knew I found my soft spot to fall. I knew someone would be holding my spirit up while the rest of me felt like it was falling down. Caroline walked through the fire with me, but always letting me lead the way. And once or twice, she let me slide on blaming a thing or two on dear old Mom.

My crisis is over and I look back at that time and think, “I handled that with dignity and grace.” I look back and see that all my decisions and actions, logical or illogical, were true to my spirit and heart. I thank Caroline for that. She helped me find my voice and tune out what all of the should of’s, could of’s, and have to’s kept screaming at me. She showed me how to be authentic.

I still go, even though every thing in my life is perfect. Perfectly the way it is meant to be in this given moment. Caroline has become much more then a therapist, but a life coach, a mentor, and a spiritual teacher and healer for me. I still go now because my time with her enriches my soul and helps me find the person I always was. By the way that person still loves Peanut M&M’s, just in moderation now. I truly am grateful for the kindness the universe bestowed upon me when it lead me to Caroline Temple.

— Kris from Fairfield
When I was 35 years old I encountered several problems which left me very depressed. In order to regain control of my life, I needed to talk to a therapist, yet I was reluctant to do so. After much deliberation, I agreed to see a therapist whom I immediately connected with. I initially saw Caroline because I had cancer; however, after several sessions with her I realized that I rarely discussed cancer. I have unresolved issues that had been locked up for quite some time. With Caroline, I was able to let my guard down, and openly and honestly discuss my problems. This was a major step for me as my typical response to non positive events is denial.

Caroline welcomed me to her practice with open arms. She did everything in her power to provide a safe, warm, nurturing and comfortable environment. Caroline always made herself available to me, even on her days off. Her availability came in many forms; hospital visits, home visits, random phone calls, emails and unscheduled appointments. Most importantly, I feel as Caroline truly cares about me as a person, not only a client. On a number of occasions, Caroline told me about seminars that she attended, and books and articles that she read. What strikes me about Caroline is while participating in one of these venues, she was thinking about me. I know this because I would get occasional emails and phone calls to tell me about what she has learned, and how she believes it can benefit me.

During some of my darkest hours in her office, I would look at a beautiful magical wand that another client gave her. I would tell Caroline that I wished she could wave the magic wand over my head to help me heal. I have come to realize that the magic wand was a tangible, metaphorical version of Caroline. The true magic lies in Caroline’s mind, body, soul and compassion for her clients.
— Name Withheld, Fairfield
There was a time, there was a place I believed I could not survive. Physically. Physiologically. Never mind surviving with an intact heart or soul.

No one who knew me could believe it. I was JUST THAT GOOD at putting on a good face. I had been for my whole life. And I thought this meant I had figured out life.

When I discovered my marriage of 18 years was built upon the thin tissue of that “good face,” it quite nearly killed me. Nothing I had been through in my life had prepared me to deal with how our beliefs and values can dissolve like a cube of sugar in a cup of warm water.

I am intelligent. I fought to understand the problems, but each day brought a new struggle. I did not see the string that connected each incident and, frustrated, I threw myself against every imaginable solution, including alcohol, food, exercise, marriage counselors, therapists, on-line support groups, a library of self-help books sure to rival any university and one episode in Italy that was clearly an attempt at revenge.

It was so sad it had to be funny. And so funny it could only be sad.

One day I found my way into a divorce support group. I am not sure what my expectations were, after all the wearying roads I had traveled looking for a way back into my life. But something intervened to lead me there and ultimately saved me. Physically. Physiologically. With an intact heart and soul.

Caroline Temple led that support group. With grace and with purpose she helped a diverse group of women look at the issues of their suffering. Wait, now. This is key. She helped us look. She helped us see. She brought us to that first step of the journey of self-understanding. Caroline was not the cruise director; she did not present a 12-step program, or Cosmo-questionnaire on finding true happiness. She stood next to us and turned us toward that which we already had within ourselves, our own manual to finding peace. Like children in a water game of “Marco Polo,” her voice encouraged us to make corrections in our position, to listen closely in the noise of the world to find the place we wanted to get to.

If I could give you some sort of representation of the change she helped me effect, it would possibly be, no, I am sorry. There is no metaphor, no analogy. It would be like the change from being atomic symbol for lead into the poetry of Yeats. Seriously. I do not have all the answers. But that was never the question.

Caroline has shown me how to look at the problem. Oh, how do I describe to you how it has changed for me? I have learned how changing the angle, if you will, of studying the issue changes the issue entirely. Do I sound confused? In fact, I am clearer than I have ever been.

I know this to be true for me . I could not have arrived at the place of my own solutions if it had not been for Caroline. My prayer for anyone who reads this is that you can also be so gently and truly guided to find the wise woman who is surely there within you.

Thank you, Caroline.
— Linda from Greenwich