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Choosing to seek therapy is never easy. I am here to support you in every way possible to reach your goals for change in a safe, trusting and positive environment. I'd love to hear from you by phone or email so we can explore together how I might help you. If you feel comfortable, we can then schedule an appointment. I have flexible office hours at convenient times throughout the week in both Fairfield and Norwalk.

Office locations at:

60 Katona Drive, Suite 19, Fairfield, CT 06825

147 East Ave, Norwalk, CT 06851

Telephone: (203) 866-9333

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Guided Meditations


Guided Meditations from Caroline Temple


Guided meditations are a way of being present and still with yourself and your inner heart wisdom. As well as quieting the mind, it has been found to carry numerous health benefits, both physical and emotional, providing relief from stress, anxiety and depression. Caroline's "What I Know To Be True" meditations are available through the SoundCloud link below. Listen to these meditations online or download them to your smart phone...

Personalized Guided Meditations

Upon request, Caroline will create an individualized guided meditation, created specifically for you and your needs.  

Read more about the benefits of guided imagery...

Harness Your Brain’s Power with Guided Imagery By Caroline Temple MS, LCSW. (read more)

Need a referral?

Whether you're looking for a psychiatrist, naturopath, attorney, financial advisor or couples therapist, Caroline is connected to a large network of professional colleagues who can provide additional support. Caroline believes in the team approach of "it takes a village."


"(While listening to Caroline's guided meditation) I felt such a sense of love and calm today as if I was wrapped in a swaddling blanket.  The light was warm and inviting and I felt bathed in a glow that resonated everywhere."

- AN, Westport